Sunday, December 14, 2008

dr. sheikh muzaffar

it has been almost a week since i last stepped my feet off my lovely hometown,johor bahru…i’ve decided to pursue my studies in ukm and here i am,faculty science and technology,,majoring in biology…i’m hoping that this is the best for my future,insyaallah…my one-week orientation was so very tiring and i was so damn exhausted!!dis was the most hectic week of my life!it was much2 harder than my camping when i was in matrix..i cant describe it in words!

ukm…one word-enormous!!i was short of breath,gasping for air, walking to dectar which is DEWAN CANSELLOR TUNKU ABDUL RAZAK where all of us,new student,were enable to meet DR.SHEIKH MUZHAFFAR SHUKUR SHEIKH MUSTAFA-our very own astronout…we were screaming out loud when he entered the hall!!cameras were everywhere!he was so damn hot,tall,tough-perfect!but one thing that really counts-his brain is filled with all sorts of knowledges…he has majored numbers of studies,yet he’s so humble when he said that we all can be like him…he showed us pictures and videos that he took from the ISS and i bet that none of us has fell asleep during his presentation!!our jaws were hardly be at it’s place!
i wasn’t his fan before and i’m still not.but one thing that changes now is my perception towards him .if someone asks me bout him,my answer will be "he’s is blessed with perfections and he really makes full of them"..he thinks differently that makes him not an ordinary human being.he is unique.

my orientation week ended yesterday and i’m very much relieved now…i really need my space and freedom back.and i have them now…i hope that everything will turn out well after diz and i don’t have to face much problems.insyaallah…

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