Sunday, December 14, 2008

mc'd guy!

hmmm…i had a very wonderful moments today-i went out with my clicks-atim,feefe,irena and also my old-time friend-nana.we had lots of fun-we laughed everywhere especially at mc’d as atim was having trouble talking actually asking for her meals in front of this very cute guy!she seemed to have fluff in her mouth!!hahhaha =) when that guy asked her "makan or take away?",,she was like "mak..buk..buk..makan2" hahhahaha =)) it was so damn hilarious and i could imagine myself in her shoes!! we basically have the same type of men and yup2…that guy was very cute!his name was syed,,,syed somethingla…i can’t remember…hik7

then we went to cyberzone coz i’m short of socks..when i was choosing the socks,atim was kind of wispering to me…"pura..pura.." i looked at him and she signalled me to turn back..i did it and i was like "y??" coz all i saw was a chinese old lady who was walking right behind of me…then my friends were like "mamat mc’d thu la!!" i was like "haaa???".i missed his face,,i could only see his back..=(( he was walking a few steps ahead of that lady…hmmm

we watched made of was pretty romantic and frankly speaking,i did like it…but i love what happens in vegas much more!coz the story line was much simpler and yet,it was funny..i had tummyache after i watched that..hik7 =p

we ate some cakes at secret recipe before my mom called so that i won’t forget to be back before maghrib…it was almost 6.30 pm afterall…then,we dismissed..atim and i planned to ride a same cab and before we get into one,,we walked in front of mc’d,,just to take last glimpses of that guy…huhu obviously,he’s blessed with definitely good genes from his parents!!enough said!!wee^^
then,,we all reached our home sweet home…


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