Sunday, January 4, 2009

OTH rules!

i've watched the whole episodes of onetreehill season 5 and i really luv the story line! and of course, brooke davis looks hot, as always. but what really made me into this story is these words, consisting of 14 letters. it's so very meaningful to me.

can u guess what these letters stand for?

it's TRUE LOVE ALWAYS. i guess we all need TLA.

as for myself;-
i LOVE being me.
i LOVE my family-abah, mama, lala, eqa, toknah and tokyem.
i LOVE my besties-fee, ainee, salma, ezny, aimie, aza.
i LOVE my dearest buddies- irena, yana, atim, sue.
i LOVE my friends-the ones in kindergarden, skbu 2, sigs, jmc and now, ukm.
i LOVE my life, though i always hope it can be better.
and in future, i know i'll LOVE someone when i'm sure he's the one destined for me.

* thanx a lot syamil for giving me these oth dvds. it's cool dude! gotta treat u next time i'm in ktsn. u wanted mc'd rite? ok! hehe

lol, shafura onn

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  1. eh makchicks!
    i pon dh abis khatam OTH.gilaa best.
    selalu je tangkap leleh bile watch dat series.haha

    neway, what's ur YM add?