Saturday, January 3, 2009

last day of 2008

wed, 31st dec...last day of a very meaningful 2008 of mine. a year that has thought me trillion of things which made me wiser than i was couple of years before. yep, obviously, i've grown up.

on that day, i was supposed to attend a biomath cls. no, u dont hv to get ur eyes checked. it's BIOMATH!huh. what the hell is bio has to do with math?? do we need math methods to predict how many erythrocytes running thru our veins?? or is it the length of DNA loops that matters? actually, i've tried to figure this out last sem when i knew that i'm gonna take this subject this term but the efforts are worthless. i couldnt find the relationship between both study fields. do i have to really learn math? i mean i had enuf of numbers. believe me, i had enuf of them. anyhow,i skipped that cls, i missed the introduction briefing part. but my buddies told me that in biomath, we're gonna learn math. its math. not bio. and topics of logarithm, differentiation, integration and statistic popped outta my mind! i HATE integration and differentation! i've been cursed not to understand them! and if it's math, why it is called biomath?? what's the purpose of having bio word in front of those letters?? u really need a brain like Einstein to know the reasons.

lol, shafura onn

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