Sunday, January 4, 2009

jan 1st, 2009

it was thursday and also the first day of 2009 when i spent the beginning of hopefully a wonderful year for me with salma, ezny and also sadeline in LOW YAT which i couldnt find 24 hours earlier...and we went there for two reasons which one, looking for N76 which i've been craving for for already a fortnite. secondly, it was for sadeline who wanted to get her phone checked as it gave her some stupid problems. and since it was a holiday in kl, we were kinda drowned in not only hustle and bustle of city, but also in the abundance of shirts, blouses, jeans and not to mention, thongs as kl was still having the year-end sales.

LOW YAT was fulled with people all over the place and since it's located in front of timesQuare, the pedestarian roads were like dancefloors in pubs and lounges. and believe me, if u're not familiar with the sidewalks, u'd find urself lost in the middle of kl. maybe not kl. bukit bintang should be more like it.

while ezny helped sadeline to get her phone repaired, salma and I went right to left, up and down, back and forth looking for the phone i desired. finally we found one when ezny called me saying she saw one in a shop. and after lots of negotiations, believe me, lots of them, eventually i become one of N76 users now.
and sadeline succeeded to get her phone functioning. the memory card was the culprit and everything's settled when she bought a new one.

my new gadget! i''m lovin it!

after getting all we wanted, we went to vivo to hv some bites!

----------------------> sadeline and salma

----------------------> ezny-sadeline-me
my drink is called fruity fitness. it really acts like a confidence booster..i felt like having fergie's body shape after drinking it. hehe =p

i would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to one of my bestest buddies, SALMA, for helping me to find things i wanted. and also for ur kindness of treating me a green-with-hood sweater. thanx for bringing me to chow kit road, letting me to stay at ur place for 2 days and for memories of watching fireworks during countdown. thanx for everything. i mean it. may 2009 be a wonderful year for u. ALLAH bless u always. insyaALLAH.

lol, shafura onn


  1. pura ade N76... yay!
    hot n cold
    kate perry always.

    p/s: aku link blog ko.

  2. WOAH..

    got N76 summore..

    new year madness i guess :p