Saturday, January 3, 2009

new yr's eve roxx!

i skipped my biomath cls because i went out with salma that evening. hello!! it's new yr's eve ok? hehe. i intended to buy a new phone (N76) and we planned to go to LOW YAT (LY) as it offers u gazillions of gadgets ranging from phones, laptops, cameras and what not. people said it is located in front of TIMES SQUARE (TS) and they promised us that we're gonna find it juz by walking out of the front entrance of TS. so, salma and I bought comuter tickets and stopped at jalan imbi. here's how crazy the train was that day. people were packed up, juz like a tin of sardine.

salma and I were standing behind the chocolate-scarf lady. we're juz a step out of the train. if the door we're lying to opened, we're finished before saying hello to 2009.

we arrived at TS and applied what people told us. but we couldnt find LY. and since it was already 8 somtin pm, we needed to be at salma's college. but looking at my frustrated face as i really wanted to buy that phone, salma suggested us to go to CHOW KIT ROAD. yep,u guys are reading well. it's chow kit- non familiar place to me, not to mention how crowded and dangerous it always seems. but as always, curiousity rules and by train, we went there, to almost all nset shops. there was so many people loitering around, like i said earlier, it's new yr's eve! so i guess u juz have to imagine how was the scenery like that day. however, sadly, i couldnt find the phone i desired. how unlucky i was that day.

feeling extremely tired, our legs were almost detached from its place, we went back to salma's college and arrived there at about 10 somtin pm...

at almost 12, we went down, chatting, nope, actually having tounge-tied with my other friends-ezny and syamil also friends of theirs while waiting for the countdown.
5,4,3,2,1...hepy new yr everyone! there were screaming and yelling and laughing everywhere! huuuu

we'd see the fireworks in front of KLCC, though they werent so clear. hello 2009!

may 2009 bring us lots of joys, happiness, prosperities and all that count to make us live life to the max. ALLAH bless us all, always...InsyaALLAH.

lol,shafura onn

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