Friday, January 16, 2009

can u stop stalkering me??

what if there's a person who keeps on spying on u, knowing what u said, where u stay, ur digits and so forth? can u act normally when u know someone is looking at u but u're just blurr to find out the culprit? and things get even worse when he's a senior of 3rd yr and u hv to deal with the situation for at least 1 more week! this couldnt be more ridiculous!

in order to get my name listed as one of the residents in my college for the becoming semesters, i hv to get involved in extra activities, or in simpler words, i ought to be active. i really want to stay in my college as it's the nearest to my faculty, meaning that i wouldnt hv to wake up early,wait for the bus as early as 7.15am. coz at that time, most probably, my dreams hvnt reached the ending part yet. i really love the fact that if my class starts at 8am, i can step my feet off my room at 7.55am. i want it to be remained the same until i graduate in about 3 years' time. hopefully.

i registered as a member of dikir barat club coz i had so much fun during the orientation week performance. in dikir barat, all u hv to do is clap ur hands, memorise the steps and the lyrics as well. there's no pressure of whatsoever. this art is actually came from kelantan, if i'm not mistaken, and therefore, my other clubmates are mostly from there, terengganu and also kedah. since my first-greeted origin was johor bahru, i'm having kinda difficulties to understand their 'loghat' and i keep on asking my friend, zue, about what the senior said. and because of that, i always be the one who had the last laughs. everyone else hv laughed before i did.

while i'm enjoying berdikir barat all this while, i'm now thinking that things will not be the same for my future practices. there's guy who told me that he knows details about me. maybe not as high as mountains, but it's enuf to scare me off. i'm terrified. i'm afraid. knowing that there's someone stalkering u isnt a gd news. he knew my digits, my college and even the words i said to my friend! maybe not all of them, but still, i'm not feeling comfortable. he texts me, calls me and i really dont feel like replying his msgs nor answering his calls. i really want to avoid him, but i dont know how. i hv no clues about who he is (except that he's a senior), and i really dont gv a damn to it. i dont wanna know him. i can sense that my next practice will be a lot more difficult than i can imagine.

i know that he wants to befriend with me, but his way of approaching me says a totally opposite thing. sy sgt rimas tawu x?? most probably, i'm not ready to be closed to someone yet. and i prefer things to come naturally, not with the help of my sympathy and empathy values..

plz stop bothering me or else, hatred is coming its way.

lol, shafura onn