Friday, June 10, 2011


One of my weaknesses, I couldnt hold temptations or what I feel like doing.

#1 If I feel like cutting my hair, I'd go straight away to the hairdresser, even if there's an exam on the next day. I did this when I was in my 4th term.

#2 I only had about 2 hours break, and I went to a shopping mall which its one-way was around 40 mins journey. I bought things I wanted and headed back to campus. Yes, I rushed. I should have waited for the weekend shouldnt I?

#3 I'm tired and in need of good sleep. But all I can think of while lying on the bed is surfing the internet over few things. Yes, I'd get up and do it though I'm bloody tired. If my mind is actively thinking of something, I couldnt get these eyes closed. Just like now.

Fund for spending: Ik.

I'm torn between a blackberry and walks in Singapore. I browsed through websites and I'm hell interested in blackberry bold. But the price range is beyond my limit (the ones with prepaid). Even if its within (the ones with postpaid), the package includes a contract for 2 years with a monthly payment for at least 100 bucks, without exceeding on any of internet, calls and other limits. Lately, I've been thinking of converting my cell line to Celcom if I succeeded in buying this smartphone. I asked my friend if she's happy to be one of bb users. She doesnt seem excited becoming one, she said it is just ordinary. Ok now, I'm at my wits ends.

There comes Singapore. JB is kinda next-door to this republic and unfortunately, I havent got to go loitering around it yet! I only stepped into its airport, as a transit to Sydney on 2009. My clicks are planning on having a short-three-day-vacation in this Lion City on this July. But I can only make it on weekend as I'm completing my internship now. So yeah, I just dont know how since its complicated to meet up everybody's schedule. And since the currency now is 1 SGD = 2.44247 MYR, I'd only get about 205 dollars for 500 malaysian bucks. Its not even half! whatthefish! The rate is high isnt it? We should have planned for Indonesia instead. *sigh*

But Singapore is now having their sales until 24th of July. >.<

You know what? I'm thinking of going there tomorrow! But most of my clicks arent here. I've never been there, and I'm unable to make it alone. :(

SO. 110611. 0217. BBU JB.

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