Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Final day of my bornday month. I am now 22 years and 13 days.

Yesterday was fine, and the evening was hell awesome. I fed on bird’s nest drink and it was mouth-watering. Grateful enough to be given one bottle as a token of visiting KAV’s lab, I guess. Hahaha ;)

Later in the evening wasn’t so beautiful I assumed. Out of sudden, I didn’t feel well. Aches conquered all over my body, signs I might be having fever. Few weeks ago, I had a medical leave for the similar expected disease. I didn’t finish the pills given, so yeah. The virus/bacteria weren’t killed completely, and they strike again now.

If possible, I really want to avoid taking leave from my internship coz I did it once before and I felt so wrong and uneasy. Yes, I don’t feel like doing it again.
I’ve gotten some SGD for my Singapore trip this weekend; I really hope I can make it with a healthy physique.

Too many things happened and I couldn’t just grade them as coincidences. I think the time has come. Their love gradually changed me. Allah Dear Almighty, please, award me some inner strengths.

I’ve decided to not love MU or soccer any longer (but I might still be watching World Cup I guess). And I’m teaching myself to stop admiring Ronaldo or whoever. He’s still one handsome guy and I’d probably melt if I meet him. Haha But yeah, I feel it’s enough now. I’m not hating what I’ve loved before, I just wanna minimize the interest. Don’t worry people, I won’t slaughter you if you wanna talk about the sport; and I’ll be listening. :D

Currently playing, Perpisahan Ini from Aizat ft. First Edition.

SO. 300611. 1128. Parasitological lab, MVKJB

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