Sunday, June 12, 2011

It felt so good. :)

Kalau kita sukakan seseorang, jangan beritahu si dia. Nanti Allah kurangkan rasa cinta kita padanya. Sebaliknya, luahkanlah pada Allah, beritahulah Allah. Allah maha tahu siapa jodoh kita.”

When I read this, I was smiling and smiling all over my face. Hahaha Idk. I quoted this from The Other Khairul's blog and I found it so very meaningful. The surface of this phrase is ordinary but the way it conveys the importance of acknowledging the lordship of Allah The Almighty is just...incredible.

Yeah. Lately, I've been thinking about jodoh and life in the future - what I'm gonna indulge in - I might end up doing things I love or hate, whom I'd be married to, etc. Thats the reason why I felt so relieved when I found the quote above. Omg. I just couldnt stop smiling! :D

SO. 120611. 2357. BBU, JB.

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