Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How did my eyesbrows meet

It has been two days watching The Arrival. And there are some parts of it that almost make my both eyebrows meet. Some left me with big question marks on my mind. Knowing that Dajjal were the ones conquering Britain and US before and soon, Israel, makes me speechless. I was left with lots of unsolved miseries, especially issues associated with political power and throne.

I’ve learned history when I was in secondary school, and The Arrival told a lot about World War II. And yes, I had a bad memory; I couldn’t recall what I’ve learned about it. And the series are talking about World War III that’s gonna happen (if Allah wills it) between two groups; the ones who believe in One God and the ones who believe in Satan (they believe God is only an illusion and human can be God). Surprisingly, the WWIII isn’t between monotheistic faiths (eg: Islam, Christian, and so forth) which I always assumed. Then I think back. Why the monotheistic faiths aren’t collide on each other like what we’ve been planting on (what we see today is hatred on different religion)? Back to basic, monotheistic faiths were initially from a belief that the truth is, there has only one God and one message behind all the true religions. A true believer should believe in the messages by Moses (Nabi Musa), Jesus (Nabi Isa) and Nabi Muhammad are the same message, that is there’s only ONE religion. But why there are so many differences between these religions? And the worst part is, why there’s no unity between the sects of same monotheistic faiths? Because the original Holy Torah (Kitab Taurat) is replaced by The Talmud which was written by men (false messenger) in Babylon. And The Talmud has some missions. A part from it is to dig beneath the Holy Aqsa (Masjid Al-Aqsa) to retrieve the buried treasure. And what is the buried treasure? Ia adalah buku-buku amalan sihir yang diajar oleh syaitan kepada manusia sewaktu zaman pemerintahan Nabi Sulaiman. This digging was already achieved centuries ago. And the ones who did it are the ones we now know as THE FREEMASONS, dan ilmu sihir ini ialah asas iluminati yang memuja syaitan dan percaya bahawa dajjal ialah nabi penyelamat akhir zaman. Tetapi, ilmu sihir ini tidak lagi ditulis. Where can we find them? Symbols (eg: one eye on US dollar), rituals and architecture (eg: pyramid with 13 levels). Wasn’t this what Satan had asked from Allah? Untuk menyesatkan manusia?

Like I said earlier, some of the truths left me with the big "how" and "why". Too many information at one time almost made my eyes twisted and yeah, I had headache. Maybe I think too much. And because of that, I called my buddy. I talked to them. One of them, Salma, who had already watched the series gave me advises. She reminded me not to “consume” everything I’ve seen. Some need to be filtered. And she also suggested it’d be better if I read reviews made by ustaz concerning the series.

I haven’t finished watching the episodes yet. I need some breaks so I won’t rupture my own brain blood veins. =.=

Have u ever heard of the Wake-Up Project? It’s a series about The Divine Book, Kitab Tuhan. And that is non-other than The Holy Quran. I’ve done watching the first episode, another nine to go. I hope this one is easier to understand. :)

Have work. Take care people! :D

SO. 230611. 0935. MVKJB, JB.

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