Thursday, February 5, 2009

athirah tagged me!

8 random facts about myself,then tag 8 people:-

1. i'm addicted to ronaldo of man utd,red stuff,red devils.

2. my family is my crucial strength. my buddies really make my world go round.

3. until now, i cant let go of my crush, he's stucked in my mind as well as my heart.

4. i'm a complicated person and i think too far, even before a single thing happens.

5. i did a personality test which resulted in this- i'm a combination of both men's and women's characters/way of thinking.

6. clubbing is what i wanna do before i reach 25.

7. i hv a thought of doing a nose job, as well as dyeing my hair dark-purple. hehe

8. i hope that my bf wud hv a face like Henry Golding's, a body like Ronaldo's, and characters like Iqram Dinzly's. hehehe

now i tag:-

- irena
- zubalqiah zulkifli
- anyone who wants to get tagged.

First name: Shafuraa Binti Onn
Name you wish you had: i luv my name! wait. can i change it to brooke davis? hik2
People call you as: pura
Birthday: 18th june 89
Time of birth: try to recall. i'm done. couldnt remember.

How tall are you: 168 when i was 17, now 165. wonder how it decreased.
Wish you were taller: nope! tall enuf. men are shorter nowadays. hard to find prince charming..hehe
Eye color: used to be black.sometimes blue. now it's warm hazel.
current hair colour: black.
Short or long hair: short.just get it cut yesterday.

This or that:
Pepsi or coke: dislike both.
Rap or rock: not both.
Relationship or one night stand: relationship. but one nite stand wif ronaldo is cool dude! *wink*
love or money: love. but to spark it, we certainly need money.
country or city: city.
friends or family: ff!

Favourite song: recently: tshirt,love story,juz dance,rehab
Fav singer: dont hv any. love the songs more than the singers.
Do you play any sports: i did try futsal, tennis (men kutip bola je),badminton is fun! can hide and seek be counted?

p/s: heartfelt gratitude to athirah for tagging me! huuu

shafura onn

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  1. since you've been gratitude for being tagged by me, i'm tagging u again wahaha. open up my page for the questions.

    salamat bertagging.