Tuesday, February 24, 2009

who moved my cheese?

dont judge a book by its cover. judge a book by its title is more like it.

though the story line of this book is rather simple, nevertheless, it is well-elaborated and its content is quite impressive. i didnt know how but it really affected myself to be motivated and since it is only the second month of 2009, so i guess it is not late for us to correct things and pick the rigth path to achieve our own new-yr resolutions. u guys still have them in ur minds rite? hehe =p

1. the more important the cheese is to u, the more u want to hold onto it.
=> in this case, the cheese means the situation u're already in. and if u're in a comfort zone, u cant seem to find the blessings of moving out of the zone when some changes take place.

2. what wud u do if u werent afraid?
=> most of the time, we humans, always think far more further than we shud. and things get worst when we prioritise bad consequences of an action rather than the positive ones. because of this nature and life norm, we are hesitating to take steps to change when changes occured. so, do something u'd think of when u're not afraid or sceptical.

3. when u move beyond ur fear, u feel free.
=> u'd feel like on top of the world when u dont hold urself from doing something resulted from a change.

4. imagining myself enjoying new cheese, even before i find it, leads me to it.
=> cheese in this case means ur goals ranging from many aspects- studies, career, relationship, etc...so step out of ur comfy territory and start exploring new things! for an instant, if u're always on the go for swimming, y dont u try abseiling instead? u'd be credited urself when success is in hands.

5. the quicker u let go of the old cheese, the sooner u'll find new cheese.
=> get over and gv a damn to ur ex who bumped u and u'll find new block/ms. gorgeous rite in front of u in no time! how can u meet new potential-to-be partners when u're only concerned bout the very same jerk person?

6. old beliefs do not lead u to new cheese.
=> recalling urself celebrating valentine's with ur already ex now dont lead u to candle-light dinner with ur new crush next door. so make a move!

7. noticing small changes early helps u to adapt to the bigger changes that are to come.
=> imagine if the currencies are not being updated everyday and out of sudden, the gov said that we are on the brick of economy downturn. cud u find ur life-savers? we have to really be aware of small alterations so that the bigs ones dont shoot us to death.

a heartfelt gratitude to Kooi,my coursemate, who lent me this book. sometimes, we couldnt see what's in front of us until someone wakes us up, alarming us to notice things we used to ignore. and this book really motivates me to alter my way of thinking so that i'd find happiness in days ahead of me. insyaALLAH.

shafura onn.

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