Friday, February 13, 2009

cool !

venue: dewan gemilang, ukm
date : ended yesterday

i went there as athirah was looking for a camera cover and her roomate's pc mouse.
while waiting for her buying those things, this man approached me. he was from the Maxis booth. i've already noticed him after a few mins of loitering around. and i actually said this to athirah- 'cumil kn dak tuh?' haha..=p

he's cute, isnt he? hikhik

he was promoting Maxis postpaid plan to me at that time. i was interested bout it and i wanted to gv it a shot. so i decided to call my sister to ask her opinions regarding that. but she didnt allow me to exchange my prepaid plan due to some reasons. and since she's 6 yrs older than me, i listened to her (i'm a gd sister, ok?). to this Maxis boy, u earned my apology coz wasting ur time convincing me thru ur story. hehe =p

to athirah, thanx for taking this pic without my knowledge! awesome!

shafura onn.

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