Monday, February 9, 2009

feb 8th, 09

ok. my friends and I were actually intended to go for ice skating in sunway pyramid last weekend. Since Monday was a public hol for Thaipusam, we thought that we cud spend more time going nuts together. unfortunately, sue couldnt make it coz she headed back to perak and atem was in jb for her own hols. atem is now doing medicine, so her break is not the same as ours. it's hard for us to meet up. hopefully, things are changing in future.

3 of us- me, fee and ezny wanted to go out so bad last two days. we actually cancelled the initial plan and changed it to others. we went to these 7 places:-

* timesQuare
i bought 2 shirts! it'd be surprising if ts doesnt hv sales!

arent they gorgeous? hak2

* bukit bintang and also the plaza
we went back to forth, right to left looking for stuff we werent sure of. this was where i found out that i've gained 2 kgs! omg! why am I the chosen one?? life is so unfair. isk isk

* sungai wang plaza
i was planning to buy a black...i'm not sure of how to characterise this one particular thing.yet i know it's not a jeans or a slack. its the one used by some singers when they're on stage. i was thinking to buy seluar kulit/pvc hitam! i know it sounds scary and crazy at the same time, not to mention the endless question of when i'm going to wear it, but sometimes we're out of our minds rite? luckily i hv 2 good friends who convinced me not to buy one. we couldnt find one afterall.

* KL Plaza
we were craving for coffee bean (as we're boicotting starbucks) and after about 3 km of loitering around searching for it, we found one-at kl plaza.thank god~



* LOT 10
we went to the ladies.hehe and shots some pics too!

myself with extra 2 kgs!

kami hepy!

* sogo
i'm not sure what we're doing here. haha

* jln TAR
we bought some selendangs! thanx fee for treating me one!

i didnt count how much train we were on board. i bet it's more than 7. and we're sort of hvg the most exhausting day ever in our life! but it was indeed fun and awesome!

shafura onn

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