Sunday, January 9, 2011


Like any other girl facing, its the time of the month, so please understand if emotions are running high right now. Not to make it as an excuse, but frankly speaking, it has some effects.

Ok. Curtains fell for AJL25 about 1.5 hours ago. And yes, I'm not satisfied with the results. To me, it was the best show ever in the history of nation music industry, but its moment of truth was heart-breaking. I dont really get why Faizal Tahir (FT) wasnt even in Top 3. Plus, Hafiz winning the best vocals was a bit what? He earned that, u've got to be kidding me right? Then Ana Raffali (AR)? Gosh. Jaw-dropping 35K for that kinda song? Yes, I'm a tune blind but I'm not in deaf ears.

I can nod my head if Black or A.P.I (Lan & Noh) won the best vocals. And Hanyut should be the second-runner up at least. Of course I'd want it to win everything, but if I were to choose one else, it'd be Drama King or Shahir's Kebahagiaan Dalam Perpisahan.

Yep, maybe the trophy was fated for AR. And FT is still my preference other than Datuk Siti Nurhaliza. As for now, only these two mesmerize me with their pieces. I hope losing this will give FT a booster to try harder in future. You know how much fans love & support u all the way. ♥

Its always been some thoughts for my daughter's name (every time I love someone's alphabets, I'd wish to have it on my offspring, hahaha). But now I have an idea for my son's . Its RAFFALI. Though I sorta disapprove AR as the ultimate winner, I do find her father's name attractive. Hahaha :D

So, InsyaAllah, its gonna be Muhammad Raffali bin ....... coming out of love in the future. Auwwww *jiwang gilaaa* :p

To be continued. ;)

Shafuraa Onn. 100111. 0159. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM Bangi.


  1. dan2 ade AR..xsesuai lgsg..haha!
    aku bengang gile weii...sian FT kite kan...

  2. ak xtgk pn
    tp agk mgc r ft xmng
    btw Muhammad Raffali bin ....... ??
    spe pura? auw2, hihu

  3. dont worry
    next time mana taw FT mng kan

  4. yana: superman! :D

    bella: hahaha malas nk tulis pnjg2. tau xpe, aku shocked gila mse dorg announced. nak buat cmne, xde rezeki superman. aku pasrah. hahaha

    pojan: hahaha .... doesnt stand for anyone for now. ;)

    zubect: yep, hopefully lepas2 nih FT ada chance lain. :)