Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm a human lah, not vampires!

Truthfully ever speaking, there are some people I'm hating right now, but I dont hate just that, I've got my own reasons. And yes, I can be so damn devilish to spit mouthful of bad words to them, but I just cant, at least not eye-to-eye. No, its not because I pity them, its too much to ask from me, but I'm a normal human being. They hurt you, u felt extremely bad and u're hoping the same goes to them, just like the phrase 'what u give, u got back.'

I dont really care if someone or two or three or more hate me. Coz I'd be hating them a whole heck of a lot more. Yes, this world had enough of wars and it needs peace, but who actually barks at a sleeping dog? I wont be bothered if I didnt get disturbed at the very first place.

No, I wont do any harm or physical abuse towards people I'm planting my hatreds on. Nor I'd be sending viruses so that their laptops get corrupted as well as their thesis files. Its childish and not classy. The most I'd be doing, is watching from far if they're struggling. The Almighty always remember us, does He? Its Carma, u step on others once, they step back on u twice. Or even worse that u dont wanna complete ur life.

Its really pathetic if I see someone brings people down just to make him/her feels better of own-self. I came across few. But I was raised up with humanity value that keeps me from being a bullshit, so like I said, I'll just be watching. And I know this isnt noble, but I cant help myself from enjoying the awfully entertaining rewards they obtain themselves from being thats-why-people-hate-you person. They ought to learn from their mistakes. Life is the ultimate teacher afterall!

Whenever I'm mad, my friends would console me. And I'm thankful for that. They got me back into senses. But to not be having any feelings after some conflicts, it really requires some time off, some breaks. One of my buddies said, 'its ur experience for now, treasure it. You'd be glad someday that u've encountered it before.' I find this is true, but somehow being neutral doesnt flow in my way just yet. Maybe it will, in future who knows.

Oh dont worry. I can accept advices, oh, only from those I trust. And trust is earned. ;)

Shafuraa Onn. 1801111. 0336. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM, Bangi.

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