Thursday, October 1, 2009

can u stop being sarcastic over people??

i've recently found a person who was being sooo damn irritating and annoying and i really dont get the reasons lying behind his behaviours. if u cant afford to put the make ups on, stop criticising those who can (u know they do well and jealousy is all over u). if u cant get the attention like others do, dont ever try to be a seeker coz it shows that u're totally a loser. if u're unable to crack up some jokes, juz laugh to those who are capable at making people losing their jaws to the ground. plz dont ever pretend to be a person u're not capable to and the most important thing, LOOK DEEPLY INTO YOURSELF BEFORE U EVEN THINK TO BITCH BOUT OTHERS. coz u'd probably show how stupid you are when u spitted bad words to others while you yourself are still FULL of IMPERFECTIONS. u cant even hide or shadow them. not a single one.

yep. i'm losing my grip due to anger. he blew my top and yes, i was pissed off. i'm still now. to H, dont let me bump into u. coz u might get urself bald with some cuts & bruises on ur head. u'd even think of transferring to other universities. or faculties maybe. yes, u guys are not reading any wrong, i'm a bit rebellious when it comes to ketidakpuasan hati. coz there's only a slight distinction btwn my moods. meaning that if i dont get u mad, dont ever make me be one afterwards.

red devil,
shafura onn

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