Friday, September 18, 2009

EID 2009

ok. i poured another lie again. it wasnt a direct lie actually bt its wasnt a truth too. its something that needed a real sincerety and i couldnt do it, obviously. the situation was very2 hard and if u say A, that person is gonna be badly hurt. and if u say Z, he's not gonna be pleasant as well. so its either one and i didnt hv any choices.i'm sorry if i've ever told u things i wasnt intended to. to this person, i'm apologizing from the folicle of my hair to the edge of my nails. i'm really very sorry.

its saturday, meaning that EID is about 22 and a half hours to go. and i'm currenly waiting for the arrival of my sis, lala. she departed from kl at 12am just now, and most probably, she'll be here at 3 plus o'clock. cepatla sampai makcik! :p

since syawal is about to come, i'm shafuraa bt. onn would like to seek forgiveness from the very bottom of my heart to everyone I KNOW and may hari raya this yr gv blessings,happiness as well as joys to u guys out there. hv a wonderful balik kampung trip and plz drive safely. dont ever take ur wheels on the emergency lane for whatever reason (other than serious ones of course). and do fasten ur seatbelt coz the cops are waiting in front of the traffic light. :p

till we meet again in the next life. haha :D

shafura onn.

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