Friday, October 30, 2009


it is 2.38am and apparently surprising, i couldnt sleep even after i tried to. so after a very deep thinking, here's the outcome:

I personally prefer a guy who…

1. is comfortably wearing shorts and looking good in Baju Melayu.
2. loves Aerosmith but at the same time, adores Taylor Swift.
3. looks smart in spectacles and admirable when he’s not.
4. rarely puts on hair gel.
5. appears well in Mohican as well as side-swept hairstyles.
6. is brilliant but sengal too at some times.
7. looks cute in shades.
8. enjoys going nuts during exam time.
9. is charming in t-shirt as well as blazers.
10. wears slippers and sneakers perfectly.
11. bolds enough to wear bright red and striking yellow tops.
12. loses himself in washed-out lose jeans.
13. is taller and slender than me. haha :p
14. takes a real good care of himself, his things, and his relationships.

shafura onn.

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