Friday, October 30, 2009

forever sis

it has been couples of weeks since i last posted something here. life is still good, same like it was back then. it is a week to go for my sister's wedding and i bet my parents are so very nervous. thats not to mention the exact feeling of my sis. i'm pretty excited about it, though her marriage might tear apart our closeness a bit. thats fine coz i know someone will always take a real good care of her and cheer her up. someone that has never tired in understanding her, consoling her, advising her, accompanying her. someone that completes my sister. someone that is my sis's another half.

i will definitely miss our sisters time together. jalan-jalan, shopping, fitting, laughing, etc. u hv been such an awesome buddy to me n eqa. lala, i do hope and pray for the best of u & hairie. may u guys be blessed wif happiness in life here and after. :)

* our kids time wif toknah.
* red-shirt girl: lala
* from left sitting on floor: me, eqa.
* that lil baby is our cousin, hasiff.

shafura onn.

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