Thursday, April 16, 2009


it's 43 mins passed 2 in the evening and i'm not sure the efforts i've been putting on for my finals which about 2 days to go. and that disaster week is going to start with a chemistry paper, followed by biomath, bio, titas, genetic and kok. this time around, i can feel that i dont hv the guts to get things done-revisions. my mind isnt in the place it shud be. my body seems well but aches are actually running thru muscles and nerves. i couldnt sleep peacefully at nite which then resulted in heavy eyes to be opened during days. again, i'm not sure how much i've consumed pills-panadols as well as biogesics. my notes are scattered all over bed and table, as if tornado has just taken its place in my room. but still, i couldnt be careless. coz all i need is my good positive mood back, and if its not coming to me by the end of the day, i'm certain that laziness is gonna be all around me, plus the sickness that never leaves me alone.

and to those i didnt respond to regardless of ym or tagged or facebook, you guys earned my heartfelt apology. i'm not in the mood for everything (exception for foods though) and i didnt feel at ease at attending people coz i myself is in vain. so i'm very sorry for my notorious obnoxious behaviour (some people may think this way), and hopefully things are changing for better in time.

* i really miss my family and besties! pray for meeting soon!

sick and lazy,
shafura onn.


  1. cuzzy,wish u all da best in the final exam!
    u can do it!

    i have 3 exams next week. huwaaa!wish me luck.