Tuesday, April 21, 2009

bcoz i'm care full

if only i'm care less,,,

1. i'd not care bout what people say + think of me.

2. i'd brave of entering the exam hall without preparing anything.

3. i'd be able to YELL or SCREAM to damn folks who got me pissed off.

4. i'd have the guts to directly GIVE MY WORDS to dudes who arent respecting others.

5. i'd do things that are beneficial for myself regardless of their effects on others.

6. i'd dare to say to people if i'm not in the mood of attending them or if i'm sick of them.

7. i'd proudly make full of the phrase "let the best woman win".

8. i'd be loitering around the city alone and be back at 5 in the morning.

9. i'd turn to blind eyes and deaf ears to people who're criticizing me.

10. i'd say anything i wanna say without prioritizing people's feelings coz they never return back the favour to me.

unfortunately,,,i couldnt be more care less even after i tried to. and this resulted in many +ve and -ve consequences. anyhow, all i can say is i'm contented with things that i've had now and i'd ever live my life with this:-


certainly cant sleep,
shafura onn.

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