Monday, April 27, 2009

mad world

my life seems to be in haywire for the last couple of weeks and to find happiness in the bunches of mad-and-dark-ness isnt an easy task. nevertheless, life isnt a life if u dont hv probs. if u dont hv challenges. if u dont encounter pains. coz life isnt always a bed of roses.

i was reading a newspaper when i spotted this awesome guy. he's adam lambert, future AI of season 8 ( i hope so). since the tv on my floor doesnt reach singapore's channels- ranging from tv5, tv8 as well as suria, so i cudnt watch the programmes served by those entertainment getaways. anyhow, i know i luv him since the 1st time i saw him on papers although its title was a lil bit like this "can a gay win the competition?". honestly, i was hoping that it was just a rumours but what else could i say when i found him kissing with a guy in several pics accumulated in the webs. if only i didnt google him. haihhh.

anyhow, i've downloaded his videos performing " a mad world " and also " tracks of my tears" and i adore both! though i know nothing about piching and those singing techniques, i can sense that his voice projection is incredible! and if its not, how could he win a standing ovation from the crowd and judges especially simon cowell? ;-)

i shud've finished reading titas by now. coz the exam is tomorrow. wish me luck!

adam lambert's fan,
shafura onn.

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