Thursday, April 30, 2009


frankly, truthfully speaking, i'm sick of STALKERS. i'm done wif their attitudes. there's a difference between stalking and browsing. yup, i believe that every mankind is a stalker. u stalk to know details about people u love, like, adore or even hate. but there ought to be a limit and border of stalking so that people wont get annoyed or disgusted by your own stupidity.

to these stalkers, can u just keep ur a** away from me?? mind ur own business coz i dont gv a single damn to it! i hv the right to live my life the way i want it to be. so plz stay off my zone. coz i dont interfere yours. i dont even care to stare at it.

p/s: to people who keep on stalkering me (u know who u are), i WARN u to immediately put a stop to ur job. coz if not, u'll get what u wish for when the cat really goes out from a bag.

notorious me,
shafura onn.


  1. erm.. sape2..???
    kompem not me.. hahahaha..

  2. ntah.
    dak gle.
    baek laki pompuan sme je.
    idop ske jge tepi kain owg.
    jge dri s'dri suda.

  3. huhu.. nak wt cane.. manusia.. mcm perangai..
    weh, anda baru saje dpt award.. amik kat blog saye ye.. amik, jgn xamik.. haha

  4. sape stalker itu??
    u need a bodyguard aa pura.
    uhuhu. stalkering is fun~

  5. hi pura~
    well,ni chika..kenal x?lab partner tira time kimia am 2 dulu..
    aku tatau nak g tau kat mane as u dun have da chat box..
    but,never mind..hehe..nice blog huh?way to go gurl! neway,senang2 dtg la blog aku yeh n jadikla follower skali(gile promote blog aku nie??adeh~)..hehe..saje nak meramaikan sbb aku baru je buat blog tuh..hehe..ok..till then,c ya!