Friday, August 5, 2011

What I miss?

1. Writing small greeting notes, folding it up and putting it under a friend’s desk. Just like I used to do when I was in upper secondary school.

2. Marching. Sounds pretty crazy, but yeah, I had a bash at doing this for school sports day.

3. Having crush, during tuition classes or in the bus, heading home after school hours. Walking in the bazaar as it is now the fasting month, as I expected, I saw Rangga, the one I adored few years back. And he’s doing well I guess. Oh, he’s more tanned.

4. Watching people playing tennis and basketball. And as for myself, I miss cycling! These were what I did three years ago, in the matriculation period.

5. Wearing spectacles. I’m thinking of having glasses back again. Not because I’m sick of contact lenses, but yeah, an old-school frame is what I miss after a while abandoning it.

6. Reading Cleo. Final term early this year was so hectic that I couldn’t find my leisure time spending on what I’ve loved before. Last month’s cover was Rihanna and I hate her, so I want to get this month’s issue when I have the time. My English is getting from bad to worse, and I don’t feel right about it.

7. Losing weight. Okay, this sounds hell funny. I did diet five years back, the skinniest I’ve ever been (for me, skinniest is the lowest pounds I’d possibly achieve), it was in my first year that I really did sit-ups and I did jog quite some times when I was in my second year. And now, laziness is all over me, I swear I’m sort of don’t-really-care-what-I’m-consuming recently. Oh damn. I’m flabbier and easily languid, I know. But the will to shed few kilos down isn’t here, and this makes things harder.

8. Watching Ronaldo, not football. I’m not into Spanish League at all, so yeah, it has been a while since I last witnessed him performing superbly. There’re two games I had myself stayed up; Real Madrid was defeated 1-5 by Barca and then, it was a draw 1-1 for the similar involved teams in a match later which I’ve forgotten for which league.

9. Bare clean face. I’ve only known pimples at the age of 18. Before that age, acne was way too far from reaching my face, even if I didn’t wash my skin perfectly. I didn’t even have a proper facial wash at that time. If I’m behaving the same for now, blemishes would be so packed up and closed that they can greet each other. And some more, I do feel like leaving the house without any single face paint; no lip gloss, eyeliners, blusher or whatsoever. Not even concealer/compact powder if possible (possible here means I still have my confidence level up high).

10. Having a bone to pick up with. I miss arguing with someone who is capable of making me confused and desperate. I’ll be doing red herring when you see me out of my wits; it is when the title is yours. I hate losing and I wont give up easily, but deep inside, I admire people winning over me.

SO. 050811. 1511. BBU, JB.

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