Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Intentionally, I wanted to write something else; more to like, hmmm, letting the cat out of the bag, but doing that would raise questions marks before me later. And I’m tired of answering and explaining something I’m unsure of.

The only I can express now is that the one I’ve been talking in my previous posts is someone who is close to other girl, and he has many female friends. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up with someone I’ve never ever thought of. For sure I’m freaking jealous, but who is he to me?

It has been three times; I heard twice and I read once. I’m absolutely tired of holding in. But I’m afraid of whats gonna happen if I’m bursting this out. Friendship will no longer be on the list. He has been a great help as a buddy, and losing him would be hurtful.

It’s the time of the month, and I’m mumbling like an old nanny and I should stop typing shit over here.

Oh, this is the only that makes Onn's family to be ecstatic. With the birth of a niece, I've already had my title changed. I'm now an aunt! Kiddy, get well soon and cepatlah balik rumah! Duduk kat nursery pun bukannya ada mamat hensem kan. ;)

SO. 020811. 0024. BBU, JB.

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