Sunday, April 24, 2011


I'm freaking hungry, like damn hungry. Tau tadi makan nasi goreng, makan kue teow sup je tak dapat hold tummy fullness for a long time. =.=

I'm gaining weight and pimples. Fine.

I'm re-thinking of doing Master. Idk. Or shud I just apply for the cops? Maybe.

I've decided to bin my diary. Its been a while since I last updated it, so baik buang je. Lagipun baru 3 pages. Nak tulis pun dah tak ingat nak tulis ape.

Arsenal was defeated. I'm a hardcore fan of MU, but if the trophy doesnt go to OT, I'd rather let The Gunners having it. Sorry The Blues, you arent my cup of tea, so please, dont get your hopes high, we wont let you get the title for two consecutive years.

My final paper will be on this Tues. Banyaklah nak kena study coz the exam includes all notes, starting from the very beginning. How the hell would I remember? Bawak toyol kang. Alah. Kalau kantoi tak boleh grad. :(

Its been a week since he met The Lord. Ya Allah, please, bless him. IMYVM, HIM.

Shafuraa Onn. 250411. 0232. UKM Bangi.