Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It has been exactly a year tough without you.

Only He knows how much I miss you. Sorry for not being strong.

Its not that I'm hoping you to still be living, I'm just missing your existence and care.

I miss everything about you.

Too many things happened after you gone away. I stumbled lots of time.

Somehow, I feel like you're listening to me.

You were such a great man, I miss you.

You were a good cook, I miss your cooking.

You knew how to sew, you sewed my school badge.

You sent me to school when abah wasnt around, or when I had to be in school early.

You bought me all my fav. junk food.

You killed those frightening cockroaches.

You attended my report card day, met my teacher.

You educate me with your stories and life experiences.

All and all, most importantly, you gave me love, care and attention. I can feel it until now.

I'll remember you until my last breath.

Dear Allah The Almighty, please put my grandpa Haji Ibrahim Mohammed along the pious ones, with those you loved and blessed. Alfatihah.

SO. 180412. 0441. Kajang, Selangor.

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