Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cliche but true

Tiada sebab pun untuk jatuh cinta.”

It sounds like damn cliché, but deep inside, I can hardly resist the truth behind the statement above.

Sometimes, you have someone who behaves like your soul mate, whom takes a very good care of you, who’s willing to go thru all sorts of troubles just to make you smile, whom eases your heart when you feel down and most importantly, whose actions and words capable to bring you to Jannah,


You ended up liking someone whom you’re totally clueless about. The one with not-my-type characteristics, whom only fit as a buddy and only know what other people know of you, the one you’re wondering if he could stand holding your secrets without letting the cat out of the bag (and maybe u don’t even share stories with him coz you don’t feel like to) and much more traits you wouldn’t want to list them down.

Jodoh itu rahsia Allah.”

It’s not that I’m ready to get married nor I now have met my other half, but it is my future and I’d be lying if I say I don’t think about it, if I careless about it. In the meantime, yes, I do crushing on someone. And I don’t know how to handle it.


I’ll never ever do a love confession (I really hope so). Because…

1. If he doesn’t feel the same way, I’d lose our friendship.
2. It is said that “if we love a person, don’t tell him, coz Allah will lessen our love towards him. Instead, tell Allah. Allah knows whom we’re destined with.”

As Muslims, qada’ and qadar (fate) is something we’re thought to have faith in as it is determined by Allah the Almighty. Hidup mati, rezeki, dan jodoh itu kepunyaan semua makhlukNya. Nevertheless, Islam doesn’t teach its followers to just sit down without doing any efforts (depend solely on fate) to achieve what we want. Usaha, doa dan tawakkal - three words that completes how Muslims should carry their duties as Caliph of the Mundane, as Allah will not change our fate if we don’t change it ourselves.

And if, we still don’t get what we wished for, always bear in mind that,

He gives what we NEED instead of what we WANT.

Who else is the perfect organizer for every single thing on the universe?

SO. 301011. 1721. Kajang, Selangor.


  1. dear dr.luv,
    if gal cm agk xp r xluahkn pe yg dy rse,
    tp llaki?
    o it is rgard of my iman senipis epidermis yg mragui "if we love a person, don’t tell him, coz Allah will lessen our love towards him. In fact, tell Allah. Allah knows whom we’re destined with.”

  2. pojan! glad to see u here. :D
    Bout that phrase...
    I found it on a blog few months ago.
    I'm not sure if it shud be thought like this, but these are my opinions:

    1. Pernah dgr x kalau kita suka seseorg dan org tu dan org lain x tahu, kalau kita mati, kita dikira mati shahid kecil.

    2. Kita boleh doa supaya disatukan bersama org yg kita nak, tp kadang2 mungkin Allah x makbulkan. Kita disatukan bersama org lain. Mungkin org itu yg terbaik buat kita sbb Allah bagi org yg kita perlukan.

    3. Pernah jumpa org yg bercinta bertahun lamanya tapi xde jodoh? Tiba2 Allah tarik rasa cinta itu dan berlaku perpisahan.

    Thats the reason why, instead of sharing with humans, lebih baik sekiranya kita share dgn Allah ape yg kita rasa, sbb Dia kan lebih tahu.

    Thats my say. Hope it answers your enquiries.

    Wallahualam. :D