Monday, March 28, 2011

Seliparku putus

It was a lovely Tuesday when I wore a baju kurung with my favourite slipper. I was heading to Pusanika, along with Zeti and Tira to get some business done. While walking, I stepped onto a hard cement, and…my slipper, rooted out. Again?? Pfffttt. I just got it attached the weekend before, yes, it has broken twice. And this time around, it couldn’t be fixed any longer.

Yes, I’m a bit aggrieved. Coz I bought it in Aussie, as a token of that place. I still keep the receipt, it was in George Street on 30th of Nov 2009, meaning that I’ve used it for only one and a quarter years.

Now I have nothing I bought there. The red bag is on its way of degrading itself, oh gosh, I bought it in S’pore. Yes, its bitterly true that I have nothing else I purchased in Sydney. Takde kenangan dah. Isk. :’(

---> Other reason for loving this slipper? It reminds me of the salesman. He's a green-eyed grown-up man. ;)

Shafuraa Onn. 0103. 290311. UKM Bangi.

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