Thursday, June 18, 2009

20th bday is awesome!

ok. i still hv 9 mins of my birth day. but wishes are non-stop! therefore, i'm hereby to say MUCAS GRACIAS aka THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for those bornday wishes and prayers! though it reminds me that there's no belas-belas tahun for me anymore, but frankly speaking, this is the bestest bday i've ever had! i had so much fun and joys during the day and those wishes are countless! i guess more than 300 people wished me orally! wuuuhuuu i'm ecstatic! and over the moon too!

to these beautiful people, ur kind-and-sweet-ness of wishing my day will never be forgotten.

loves : lala, eqa, fee, ainee, atim, ezny, salma & friends, irena, aza, yana, hanis, sue, yana (uo), zetty

buddies : tirah, zeti, zue, tiqa, capt, syamil, mike

friends :
* sopie, epul, syahmi, amer, paan, jo, ain, rifa, ekin, pan, aliff, datin
* family pesta 37
* those from fb, fs, tagged
* whoever who did wish me!

for those whom i've missed out, u guys earn my apology. anyhow, thanks again u all!

shafura onn.


  1. yeay!
    pura suda tuaa!!
    welcome to the club.=)

  2. yea..
    aku kat tgga teratas.. hahaha

  3. hey!
    happy belated bufday!

    sorry lmbt wish.. busy with exams :P

  4. irena: bkn tua ok? tp matured. hehe :p

    bubu: luv ya! :D

    cuzzy: thanx! i know u're very bz future doc~ ;)

  5. yeahh..luv u too babe~