Sunday, May 31, 2009

reality check!

i was in a train back to ukm from klcc when this thing happened. and since it was a weekend, i'm very much sure that u guys can imagine how sardine-like it was in that super slow comuter. i cudnt even raise my fingers up! *white lie*. hehe =p

i didnt remember where it was when two adults boarded in the train in the middle of disembarking people. but one thing i'm sure of, there were 4 kids with them. actually not 4, they're three wif a baby! i wudnt consider a baby as a kid. it was so crowded that made a sitted old man (A) raised one of the kids up and put him on his laps. how kind the man was.

now, it comes to my first reality check that i've never ever imagine for my 20 yrs of life. the mom of the kids touched a young man( he was bz sleeping and then awake) and said this " tolong dukung anak saya". dukung in this situation is putting her kid on that man's laps. feeling pity, that man (B) did the same thing as the old man's doing. i was speechless. i dont know bout other people but my mom wud never give us (myself and sisters) to strangers. i'm aware that the lady had to at the moment, but what if the strangers are HIV-AIDS positv or tuberculositic? how cud she be so careless of her own flesh and blood? thats what i think.

second reality check. the lady woke the man (C) who's sitting beside the young man up and said this " kaki awak saket x? klau x saya nk duduk . how wud in her state of mind saying those words?? the man gave up his seat. she sat down with her baby in hands. and looking at her crowded seat as she was seating with the 3 kids along, the young man(B) stood up and let the kids conquer his place.

now, third reality check that i bet nobody wif full sanity has ever had this in mind. not enuf of her earlier heart-shocking actions, the lady even breastfed her baby in no second she sat down! omg! i was standing in front of her and i cud feel my saliva stucked in my throat! that scene was........... i'm so very much clueless!

till now, i can feel myself at shock. it was a reality. but very back to basic, i see this from Islamic study whereby a woman is willing to do EVERYTHING for her children as the lady went that far for her kid's sake. no wonder there's a 'wahyu' saying this " SYURGA TERLETAK DI BAWAH TAPAK KAKI IBU ".

shafura onn.


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