Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i was super damn stressful (i got 2 pretty pimples on my face now, thank u) for the last two weeks which ended last sunday. i got so many things to get done- revisions for exams, three lab reports, preparing as well as memorising speech, kvc, titas, pers.peljr...and the list goes on, endless. my college organized a carnival named "karnival Varia-c" and i was spotted as one of those who were in charge of karaoke corner for 3 days and the priority was on the singing competition which was held last saturday. i swear, i was really exhausted for the whole 3 days as there were abundance of stuff to be settled down.

Despite bitter incidents which shud be detached from my memory now, anyhow, there's always something acted as token of thoughts. melastik bintang was the band invited for the carnival, so as 1 of the ajk, i got the chance to mark the crime of the event.

melastik bintang

myself with the drummer of the band

i'm very relieved now. everything seems settled. from my naked eyes though. huhu

shafura onn.

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