Wednesday, March 4, 2009

biomath is now an art!

they are nice,arent they? i did them during a math lecture!

last biomath lecture was indeed a boring one and i juz couldnt pay my eyes to the lcd and the lecturer as well. anyhow, i knew that i juz entered a new chapter and again, it was DIFFERENTIATION of which i've bn cursed not to understand the methods of calculating it. maybe to understand is ok but then to apply it is much more complicated. although i've bn learning it since f5, but still, it seems to be stucked in some parts of my mind, leaving it unresolved. majoring in pure bio doesnt mean i dont hv to study math and the truth is somehow too bitter to handle.

i hv so many things to be done this wk- 3 lab reports,memorising a speech,revising chem and genetics(midsem exams)...thats not to mention the titas presentation and paperwork, also persatuan pelajar's group project. plus, college carnival is just around the corner and i'm one of the ajk! can life be more considerate?? haish. i'm aware that being a VVIP isnt an easy job. (VIP= very2 important person).

i think i ought to put a stop. i cant spend my day typing shit over here. hehe =p

the V.V.I.P,
shafura onn.

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  1. haha.
    dah xde keje ke kak oi??
    update page nampak.

    P/S: jgn berlagak wahai penyokong MU!