Friday, February 4, 2011

Wondering why

Why oh why.

Case 1:
Lets say someone used to like you. But you dont like him/her and you just wanna befriend with that person. Then time flies by. Suddenly you came to know he/she is attached. Nak tak nak, terasa lah jugak. Why? Kita tak suka pun orang tu mula-mula. Then why jealous? If not, sad? Or maybe feeling uneasy?

I asked my sister. She said it is due to divided and limited attention. Initially, we were the apple of one's eyes and in a blink of time, that situation changes when that person has somebody else. Thats the reason why we feel waived. And maybe, thats about it.

Case 2:
You used to have a crush on someone. Then, the feeling is sort of fades away when you dont really see him/her any longer. But when you know someone else is getting closer to that person, you're feeling mad. Or unsatisfied. And once again, why this happens?

Question mark rises up on my head.

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