Sunday, July 5, 2009


its 23 mins passed 1 in the morn and i couldnt sleep. i thought of hvg an early nap juz now but apparently, my mind is bz thinking something which resulted in again, imsomniac me. anyhow, lotsa things happened to me for the past 7 days and of course, not all were good nor bad.

good things:

1. my friend and i got back in gd terms wif each other after a quarrel, no, it was kinda misunderstanding about a month plus ago.

2. i had a conversation with my crush. *feeling heaven*

3. a friend of mine complimented me,,not really, he called me using a very sweet call.

4. received a slice of choc cheesecake for free, from bakery pusanika. thanx!

5. some people really boosted my confidence level up high! gracias!

6. zeti gv me a present! thanx a lot! :D

7. experienced a new thing- being a faci of pestakonvo. freshies nmpk nerd, in proper words, nmpk baek. biasela,mule2. wink!

bad things

1. my new room is not so comfortable,,i mean the toilet.

2. my pimple recovers bt leaves a mark. damn!

3. juz entered 3rd sem, meaning that abundance stuff are waiting to be done. malas gle.

4. had a glance of thought about a very big bag in the stor. heavy gle! who wants to help me out carrying it plz raise up ur hands. ok,i dont see any hands. *sigh*

5. struggling to tell/explain something that requires real sincerety to someone. dont know how. blurr~

6. browsed thru some pics. miss an old time crush in an instance.haihhh

* conveying tribute to mj's family and fans. may him rest in peace. al-fatihah.

shafura onn.

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